Dogs and cats of the world

Every town has its own way of interacting with cats, dogs and all other animals. We share these stories through pictures here.

Taganga, Colombia
Happy dog by the beach

Santa Marta, Colombia
It’s so hot that this is what dogs do all day!

Bogota, Colombia
Cute kitty that fell off the roof!!
We found her a great home :)

Bogota, Colombia
Hello Michis :)

Bogotá, Colombia
“What’s wrong with this people?!”

She looks so cute though!

Bogotá, Colombia
This is the face Kirei makes when its too cold and she doesn’t want to wake up!

Bogota, Colombia
This is creativity when it starts raining…

Bogotá, Colombia

Bogota, Colombia
A cute thing I found on the street :)

Villa de Leyva, Colombia
And this is how Kirei relaxes at a cafe.