Dogs and cats of the world

Every town has its own way of interacting with cats, dogs and all other animals. We share these stories through pictures here.
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Villa de Leyva, Colombia
My dog, Kirei, “Working”

The life of a cat in a vet clinic…

Bogota, Colombia
This is how I take my dog Kirei everywhere :)

Bogotá, Colombia
My dog Kirei looking at the doves and dogs at the park.

Bogotá, Colombia
Dog walkers are very popular in Bogotá. Here are some customers waiting to be picked up!

Bogotá, Colombia
Dogs having a relaxing Sunday at the food trucks

These dogs are very lucky to live by such a beautiful beach.

I wonder if the people at this hotel know that they have a special pet walking around…

A marine lizard. One of the weirdest animals I have ever seen!

Medellin, Colombia
A turtle from the Amazonas. It’s called “Mata mata” can you notice its interesting head?